BP Cairns Central Service Station

The new owners are revamping the whole site and we were asked spruce up the gardens, make it look fresh and appealing and add some colours that would contrast with the BP colours of green and gold.

The soil quality was poor so we removed the top 300mm of existing soil and replaced it with planter mix from CRM raw materials. We also added Searles 5-in-1 organic matter around the root ball to give the plants a boost. The plants used include: Syzigium Rock River, Variegated Purple Dazzler, Irisine, Alamanda, Spider Lily, Cuphea or mad hatters as they are commonly known. The gardens were irrigated using a Junior DC solenoid timer system and Spectrum Spray nozzles from Nuleaf Nursery Supplies.

A big thanks to Brock from Kwik Kerb for doing a great job on installing the new concrete edging – looks fantastic and really sets the new gardens off.

Thanks also to Rob from AAA Landscaping for his help with the excavator; Victor from How’s That Stump Grinding and Warren from Mac’s Mini Concrete Truck.


Landscape Install Bluewater

We completed this job last week. Install turf, drainage pits, decorative stone, garden beds, plants and mulch.


Garden Make-Over Trinity Beach

After the tenants moved out there wasn’t much left of the front garden, so the owner asked us to do a make-over and make it look good again.


IMG_0316 IMG_0317 IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0339 IMG_0340 IMG_0341 IMG_0344 IMG_0345


Brinmead pool side garden transformation

Jim and Ann were in the process of transforming their house undergoing extensive renovations. After upgrading their outdoor patio area the final stage was to tranform the garden into something thet created a relaxed ambience whilst enjoying the poolside surrounds. They also wanted a maintenace free garden, so we decided to use 50mm riverstone as mulch over weedmat and dripper line irrigation. The plants we chose were, cycads, zamias, agaves, walking iris and spanish garlic – all require little or no maintenance and give the the garden the simplistic minimal look while creating the dry garden bed look. We also thinned out their existing golden cane and lipstick palms and fixed up their drainage from the garden that was leaking into the adjoining shed. Jim and Ann were very pleased with the end results and we were very pleased to make their wishes a reality.



Edge Hill garden tidy up + mulching

If you want to sell your house, one of the first things you should consider is the presentation of your gardens. Landscaped gardens will greatly enhance the appeal of your property creating an inviting feeling to potential buyers. Graeme and Susan have engaged our services for the past two years maintaing their garden but wanted us to spruce things up before they put their house on the market. As you can see from the photos below, their gardens look immaculate providing that all important first impression!


Yorkeys Knob Garden Tidy Up & Mulching

We recently were asked to do a complete garden tidy up at Yorkeys Knob. Frank and Liz said they were going on holidays for a while and wanted us to get their garden looking beautiful before they went away and then to maintain it until they return in a couple of months. This garden was in pretty good shape already, however we really lifted the appearance by clearing out all the dead foliage and weeds and giving everything a good trim. We fertilised the soil using dynamic lifter and then mulched the garden using Ti-tree mulch. After watering in the mulch all the plants were sprayed with a combination of seasol and fish emulsion. Frank and Liz were absolutely delighted with the end result and can look forward to returning from their holiday to a beautifully maintained garden.


This garden really needed the It’s All Good Gardens TLC treatment

This is why we love gardening. Making our customers happy is what it is all about!

We forgot to take “before” shots but here is the mess we made weeding and pruning

A couple hours hard work went into making this mess

The finished product with Ti-tree mulch and top up of tinaroo gold stone


Seniors Week Garden Competition

Cairns Regional Council Seniors Week Garden Competition

The 2013 Seniors Week Garden Competition is open to anyone 50+ living in the Cairns region.

Categories for the competition include:

  • Best Overall Garden – sponsored by Yuruga Nursery
  • Most Colourful Garden
  • Best Native Garden – sponsored by Yuruga Nursery
  • Best Food Garden
  • Best Flat, Villa, Townhouse or Balcony – sponsored by Limberlost Nursery & Garden Centre

Prizes will be awarded for the winner and runner up in each category.  Entries will close on Thursday 8 August and judging will take place from Monday 12 August.

The winners will be announced at the Seniors Week Garden Tea Party on Monday 19 August.

To enter, please download the  and return to Council at:

Seniors Week Garden Competition
Cairns Regional Council
PO Box 359
Cairns QLD 4870

For more information please contact Council on 4044 3019.

Terms and Conditions
1. All gardens must be located within the Cairns Regional
Council area and either owned or cared for by a Cairns
resident over the age of 50
2. An eligible garden is one for which a professional gardener is
not employed (lawn mowing and digging are not considered
professional gardening work)
3. Final judging will be carried out by a recognised Garden Club
judge who has been appointed by Cairns Regional Council
4. All prizes are awarded at the discretion of the judge, whose
decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered
5. You may only enter one category. However, the judge
reserve the right to change the category of an entry at their
discretion. All participants are automatically in the running for
the ‘Best Overall Garden’ category. Winners of this category
cannot win this prize in two consecutive years.
6. Entrants agree to allow their gardens to be photographed by
a nominated person from Cairns Regional Council and the
photographs remain the property of Cairns Regional Council.
Photographs may be reproduced in Cairns Regional Council
promotional material to be used by Council at its discretion.
7. The judging criteria for each category will be:
i. Layout
ii. Plant selection
iii. Landscaping
v. Sustainable gardening practices.
8. Entries open on Monday 1 July 2013.
10. Mail entries to:
Seniors Week Garden Competition,
Cairns Regional Council,
PO Box 359, Cairns QLD 4870
or email to marketing@cairns.qld.gov.au
11. Council staff and their immediate families are not eligible to enter this competition

12. Judging will take place from Monday 12 August 2013.You will be notified when your entry is received as to what date.

13. The winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the
2013 Seniors Week Garden Tea Party being held at the
Cairns Botanic Garden on Monday 19 August. Tickets are
essential for this event and are free. They can be ordered
.from TicketLINK on 1300 855 835



A Big Challenge Accepted – Massive Garden Tidy Up of Yard at Brinsmead 05/04/2013

Check out the transformation of this backyard at Brinsmead

Chanelle and Brendan contacted It’s All Good Gardens and asked us to help them get there backyard under control. Things just got out of control as they both work and have busy lifestyles. Chanelle explained that Brendan had kept saying he “was gunna do it” but never got around to it, but now it had become too big of a challenge and it was time to call in the professionals.

When I went to the property to quote the job, I could see Chanelle was after a solution to her now overwhelming problem. I said to her what we will do for you is, ” We will come in the morning and totally tidy up your garden, pulling out all the weeds, removing all the guinea grass, trimming all the plants, removing all the green waste, spraying weed poioson and then we will supply, deliver and install ti-tree mulch to your garden beds. You can expect to come home and look at your backyard and just say Wow! There will be nothing left to do, except have a beer or glass of wine and sit back and relax and enjoy the view of your new garden outlook, thanks to the team at It’s All Good Gardens.”

I’m sure you will agree it is quite a transformation. needless to say our customers were thrilled with the results and have asked us to keep their garden looking fantastic with a monthly garden maintenance plan.

We love doing an excellent job and making our customers happy.

If you have a garden that needs taming or rejuvenating or any job that needs doing, give our team a call and we will be glad to help you.


Wet season clean up

Time to clean up your yard.